2020-21 Officers List

Vice President  -  Mr. Mike Burney

Large cent expert and Dealer.


Secretary  - David Polson      

Membership, Auction Listings, Mailings, ect.


Treasurer / Web Master/Show Chairman  - Mr. Rick Raines

Keep those dues coming in!  Questions about the Web site or other, just email me!

Johnson County Numismatic Society

"The Best Coin Club in Kansas City"

JCNSText Box: JCNS Annual Holiday Party and Fundraiser for the Salvation Army

Past President, DMPL Collector

E-mail: radfordmanagement@gmail.com

Board Member—Mr. Robert Radford

Past Secretary, great leader and local community lead engineer.

Board Member  - Mr. Brian Shields

Librarian -  Mr. Craig Swanson

To check out books:  Email request to jcnslibrary@gmail.com or call Craig Swanson at 913-441-0739 by 6:00 p.m. the Wednesday prior to the meeting.

Our Longtime Auctioneer, Werner W. will be missed very much on his passing. As he would always say, “Back to the house!”

President  -  Mr. John Meyer

Collector of rare coins and Sports Memorabilia!  Owner of Meyers Coins.